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Mobile Nanny is a cell phone parental control tool which many parents have been waiting for. In the world today knowledge is power and you as a parent need that in order to deal with situations appropriately. The fact remain that many of us do not know what go on with our children lives today. Most of your child’s time is spent at school with friends and people who are either negative or positive influences in your child life. Enforcing values as a parent is difficult sometimes because you do not know what goes on outside the home. Now you as a parent can by using Mobile Nanny software to keep a watchful eye.

This particular cell phone parental control software does not only provide you with the tools to monitor what is going on with your child’s life, but also if you notice they are going down the wrong path then you can also filter out to some extent that problem. For example suppose you notice that a particular friend is sending your son or daughter sexy text messages or is a bad influence. Usually the only thing you can do is talk to them and hope that he or she listens or take away the cell phone (which defeats communicating with your son or daughter in event of emergency). Now with Mobile Nanny you can actually block any calls or text messages your child receive or will send to that particular person. Can you start to see one of the benefits of cell phone parental control software?

Let’s look at another example in which you may be afraid that your child is going to skip school or maybe you would like to be aware of where he or she is at all times. Well, Mobile Nanny can also assist with this because this software offers GPS tracking; therefore you can know where your child is and has been for the day. When you log into your account and request the tracking feature you will be shown a map of the area and a marker of where your child is within a matter of feet. This is one of the most popular features used by parents to ensure their children are safe and also they are where they are suppose to be. Remember knowledge is power and the more you are aware of your child’s activities the better you will be at enforcing your core values.

Let’s look at some of popular features offered by Mobile Nanny. These are GPS tracking; call logging; text message monitoring (reading text messages sent and received); website filtering; call filtering; text message filtering and many more. As a parent you will surely find one or even all of these features beneficial in raising your child today. For more information about how this particular software can serve you visit . The cost of this service is only $49.95USD which is not much for a piece of mind.

The most important way to deal with any situation is to be full aware of what is taking place in the situation. This is why Mobile Nanny is such a cool product for parents who really need some added control in their children’s life. It will not solve all the issues but as a father myself knowing is better than being in the dark. Take charge and control today, this may not be for you but as a parent it is worth looking into. For more information on this product you can go to

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