Cell phone bills

Not for everyone

To begin parental control for cell phones is not for everyone. Like many other things one might disagree on the use of software like this. But after I explain what this actually does and explain the benefits you might have a change of mind.

What it offers

To start many of these programs offer control on the times your child can talk, but also on how many minutes they can use. Now for most, this is more then enough information to get them interested. I mean we have all seen the news of cell phone bills rising up to 2 thousand in just one month due to over usage. Moving on, another feature is to know where your child is through the cell phone. Now, I know some of you are thinking isn’t that spying? Well I’m not saying to spy on your kids what I’m saying as a parent is that it’s nice to know if something did happen like getting lost you would be able to know where your child is through the phone. To me that’s priceless. More of the features consist of stopping cyber bullies, talking to predators, and making it so your child does not see inappropriate content.

Final thought

As a parent we are always worrying about our kids and we want to keep them safe. So even though you might have a great relationship with your child there’s nothing wrong with keeping them safe. It’s good to know that even though you’re not there you’re still helping them and keeping them from harm.

Keep your kids safe

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